A goodbye to Bud

Bud was a good dog that showed up at my shop one summer day trying to get out of the pouring rain. He was starving to death as someone had just abandoned him and left him to his own. He wanted no part of anyone at the time and when I approached him he would wonder back out into the pouring rain. So skinny and hungry that it hurt him to walk across the gravel. I gave him a bowl of soup and set it down, he would not go near it till I walked away. Shortly he came over and lapped it up. I gave him some cookies from a distance but this was not enough to entice him to come to me. When I showed up to work the next day Bud was still there but shy to approach. He had a pretty good idea he was gonna get fed though, so he stayed close. I once again fed him something which I don’t remember now but he enjoyed it . I tossed him some milk bones which were a pleasant surprise to him. Later that day as I was working he came up and nosed my hand to pet him as if we had been old friends. Thus began a friendship that would last for nearly 13 years. It was the summer of 1992. I named him Buddy or Bud for short because that way everyone who walked in the door for the first time would know his name. It was and is common for a stranger to just say “Hey there Buddy” . For him he probably thought he was famous, all these people know my name! Following are some of the things I remember about Buddy and in no particular order as I write them as I remember them.

One of the funniest things I recall as bud was quite a fan of food, I had laid my sandwich down on my desk to go wash my hands. As I was going into the bathroom I looked back to see Bud peeking around the corner to see where I had gone and if he had enough time to have a little sandwich for lunch. Well he did and when I got back from washing my hands, sandwich was gone and Bud laid on the floor as if nothing had ever happened. He was also a great fan of water which probably was the Lab in him and he loved to go swimming. We loaded him in the truck one day and took him out to a local lake. Bud was like a gyro in a car, as you turn he leans into the turn to keep his balance and it was quite humorous to watch him ride. Anyways we pull up to the lake and Bud spots the water. Without a hesitation he leaps out my window before I can stop the engine and heads straight for the water, dives in and begins having a good ole time. We would throw a stick for him and he would run full speed right off the end of the pier and dive in to retrieve the stick. Soaking wet and smelling like wet dogs do we had a great time. Riding in the car was probably his best loved thing to do. He would hang his head out and slobber all over the side of the car. If you left your car door open he would hop right in and make himself at home, or leave your window down and he would dive right through the window and assume the “were going riding position.”

He love to play catch with a ball but would never want to give it back, but throw a Frisbee and he would bring it right back to you and drop it . I tossed the ball one day and it bounced into a 5 gallon bucket I used for a trash can. Bud couldn’t reach his head far enough down in to get it so I showed him how to take his paw and pull the bucket over! WRONG THING to do. You could no longer throw anything away that smelled of food without having to pick up the trash he pulled out, and he would wait till you were not around and go back and do it. A trick he used up to the very end. After Bud got use to being around and trusting people again he made himself right at home. I had a push cart with a bottom shelf that he claimed as his home. He would climb into the cart and snuggle up and sleep soundly enough you could push the cart around and he would just open his eyes and ride.

He was also a great retriever, I use to play fetch with him by marking a rock and throwing it into the field. Bud would chase after it and not return till he had that same rock, I was always temped to throw my wallet out into the field but figured that would be the day he would not feel up to searching . Sometimes he would spend 20-30 minutes searching for that rock. The other thing he loved to fetch was wild animals. He would run off into the field and be gone of hours only to drag back a carcass of something. He once brought home a small deer, don’t think he killed it but he brought it home. The dog pound was just a few hundred yards behind my shop which is why he probably came to be, people would drop dogs off in the parking lot saying “well I took him to the pound”. Of course this is just my thought. Anyways bud would have a grand time going over to the pound and teasing the other dogs, nan aa naana aa na a I’m out here and your not. Well one day that ended as the Dog warden pulled up in my shop drive following Bud to find who owned such a blazen dog. She promptly gave me a ticket for letting Bud run free. I never really felt I owned him as he chose to live here and I allowed him to. Well it seemed like a perfect opportunity to show the Lady warden I had no hard feelings. So I called the flower shop and ordered her a potted plant and cut flowers and had the card signed “From Bud, sorry I couldn’t bring these over myself but I’ve been a little tied up lately!” Shortly thereafter I received a thank you card for Bud from the warden.

Being an abandoned dog apparently put a soft spot in his heart for other such dogs as I came to the shop one day and out of the dog house came another dog which never left. He subsequently was named Goofy and it fits quite well. Bud offered his house, food and heart to a fellow K9 in need. It was neat to watch the two of them as Bud would sleep and Goofy would actually climb on top of Bud and keep him warm.


Bud passed on a beautiful October fall day. The sun was shinning bright and was warm. I drove Bud to the vet in my car, his most favorite thing to do. He laid there in the seat reclined gazing out the window probably reminiscing about all the old times of riding and his ears flopping in the breeze. He was motionless and weak but never once whimpered. The vet said he most likely suffered a stroke and had maybe a 50% chance of living but at a reduced lifestyle no doubt. Through all the things me and my friend had been through I could not let him suffer. I asked the vet to end his weary bones to a more pleasant place for such great dogs. She administered the drug and he passed quickly and quietly to another world taking with him all the times we shared as friends. Bud was never hungry again after he made here home. I miss you Bud and will always remember you. Goodbye my friend, but through all the times we’ve been together, It’s ok now. You can go now.